Judy Greenan
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Part of the Inner Landscape Series where my perimeters for this work lie only in exploring the gradations of the elements of fine art:shape,value,color,line texture and edges. A very layered piece glowing with light


  • 18 x 18"
Category: Originals
Media: Other
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Breaking Through
"Breaking Through"
Passages III
"Passages III"
Brand new day
"Brand new day"
"Here Comes The Sun"
""Here Comes The Sun""
Sun Dance
"Sun Dance"
Window to the Soul
"Window to the Soul"
Blue Skies Aheadd
"Blue Skies Aheadd"
On Eagles Wings
"On Eagles Wings"
Morning Peace
"Morning Peace"
Passages III
"Passages III"
Evenings Bliss
"Evenings Bliss"
Passages !!
"Passages !!"
Seeking Hope
"Seeking Hope"
Commission Example
"Commission Example"
Tea Cup
"Tea Cup"
Fields of Gold
"Fields of Gold"